Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Suggestions to make your GHVBL season go smoothly!
Q: Does the league make my schedule?  Who constructs my schedule?
A: You do.  The league facilitates "scheduling meetings" that pair coaches up to construct your season schedule.  Games may be played at the convenience of you and your opponent.  Play weekdays, weekends, day or night.  Totally up to you and your opponent - set the game - we will staff the game with umpire(s).  
Q: What is the “Master” schedule?  Is it ever final?
A: No.  The “Master” schedule is our league reference. It is changing every day.  From umpires being assigned to games, to teams adding games to the schedule, the master schedule is a living, breathing document.  It is posted on the website - we encourage you to look at it in advance of your games to make sure all the information is accurate & umpires are assigned.  Check out the master on the front page of the website.
Q: What is the “Searchable Schedule”?  
A: This is just a program that makes the master schedule (prettier), easy to read, easy to print out your schedule, easy to search, save, print anything on the schedule (teams, fields, etc) This is a powerful and easy tool to use - we encourage EVERYONE to use the search bar in the upper right corner to type in your team age/division/name to see and confirm your season schedule.  Let us know if anything looks inaccurate!  The searchable schedule is a way to see your team (or any other team, field, etc) by typing in the search box.  Make sure you type in your full team name (and/or) team id code.  For example, if you type in something too general like "TIGERS" you will get every team with "TIGERS" in their name - be specific to get your full schedule.  Please review your schedule - and let us know if you see any ERRORS ONLY.  No need to contact us if the schedule looks good - we expect that.  Taking 5 minutes to do this will save you huge headaches in the event that your schedule has an error.  We are FAR FROM PERFECT - DOUBLE CHECK your schedule!
Check out the searchable schedule on the front page of the website.
Q: I would like to confirm my game with my opponent, where are the coaching contacts posted on the website?  
A: Coaching contacts are not posted on the website, they are sent to head & assistant coaches after the scheduling meetings.  Look for a note from the league with the title “Peer coaching contacts” - coaches receive this soon after the scheduling meetings.
It is a great habit to form to confirm ALL GAMES, preferably a day or two before your gametime.  Confirm the TIME & FIELD with your opposing coach.  It is appropriate for the home field host to confirm the game with the opponent. While not mandatory, it can alleviate any communication issues.
Q: Can I add a game to the Master schedule?
A: Yes, feel free to use your coaches contact listing and pair up to add a game to the schedule - give us at least three (3) days notice to get an umpire assigned - but ALWAYS send the detail to the league.  DATE/DAY/TIME/TEAMS/FIELD - be specific - remember there are lots of teams and we have multiple people monitoring email - so don’t assume we know who you are! 🙂  Games are added by sending an email to the league email ( and copying in your opponent & head of umpires (  
Q: Who informs the league of a cancellation (non-weather related)? The home team? 
A: If any game is being postponed - the league wants to know this information ASAP.  Over-communicate this info - meaning we are fine hearing from both teams HOME & AWAY.  Don’t assume your opponent is informing the league.  If a cancellation is NOT WEATHER RELATED - you must inform the league at least 24 hours before the game or the cancelling team FORFEITS GAME & OWES UMPIRE FEES.  Weather related cancellations are the responsibility of the home team.  Send all game cancellations to the league and head of umpires. 
Please NO CHANGES within 24 HOURS of your game(s). PLEASE HOLD TO YOUR SCHEDULE - YOU MAY ADD GAMES, LET US KNOW DAY/TIME/FIELD/OPPONENT & OPPONENT ID - BUT PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO KEEP YOUR CURRENT SCHEDULE & GAME TIMES.  When you change game times, it is a huge burden on our umpire organization.  When you cancel a game(s) it negatively impacts about 50 PEOPLE!!!!  Please hold to your schedule as posted.  If you must make a change - please do so with as much notice to the league and your opponent as possible.
Q: Who informs the league of a weather related cancellation? What is the proper process?
A: If a game is being postponed due to weather - the HOME TEAM makes the decision.  The expectation is you try to play the games, but if the field is unsafe, or there is thunder/lightning - safety must always be the priority.  If you are cancelling a game (on the day of the game) please contact the umpire(s) first (just check the master for the umpire assignment and the umpire contact listing on the website), then inform the league & umpire coordinator ( &, and your opponent.  Please try to make the call 2 hours or more before game time - so the umpires are not on their way to the field.  If the game is cancelled at the field - umpires are entitled to ONE HALF their game fee (travel fee).
Once the first pitch is thrown - the responsibility for any cancellation shifts from the home team to the umpire.  They make the call.
Q: How do umpires work with the GHVBL? How do I know if an umpire is assigned to my game?  
A: The GHVBL is unique in that we assign umpires to all games that are on the master schedule.  Tom Kienzle is our Head of Umpires and his information along with his roster of umpires are posted on our league website under “Umpires” and he employs area assignors for the surrounding GHVBL geography.  The league schedule includes the umpires assigned to your game once they are assigned. You can find this info on the Master & searchable schedule.  The listing of umpires and game fees is in the umpire section of the website -
It is expected & customary that the home team receive a text or call from the umpire to confirm the game.  If the home team does not get confirmation from an umpire (by 6 hours before game time), please refer to the schedule to identify your umpire and reach out to them. Again, all umpire contacts & assignors are listed in the Umpire Contact section.  In some of the outlying areas, the league employs "assignors" that have local umpires.  In those cases we list the umpire assignor - treat that name like the umpire working your game and confirm with him.
Q: I have an issue with a ruling or a rule question.  How do I get this answered?
A: Tom Kienzle (contact info on the website under “Umpires”) is happy to answer any rule or umpire interpretation issues.
Q: Do I have a way to grade or offer constructive criticism of an umpire?
A: Yes, our “REPORT GAME SCORE” tool on the website front page offers an opportunity to grade each umpire, provide a score, and offer comments about the game, umpire, etc.
Q: How, what, and when do we pay the umpire?  
A: Your pay cash to the umpire - the cost of an umpire is on the website under “Umpires” and this is done at the game pre-meeting
  • 8U & 9U  - Teams Split Cost of 1 Umpire @ $60 - 6 inning games
  • 10U - Teams Split Cost of 1 Umpire @ $65 - 6 inning games
  • 11U & 12U - Teams Split Cost of 2 Umpires for each game @ $65 per umpire/game - 6 inning games - Each team pays one ump.
  • 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U - Teams Split Cost of 2 Umpires for each game @ $75 per umpire/game - 7 inning games - Each team pays one ump.
  • VARSITY DIVISION - Teams Split Cost of 2 Umpires for each game @ $80 per umpire/game - 7 inning games - Each team pays one ump.
  • COLLEGE DIVISION - Teams Split Cost of 2 Umpires for each game @ $85 per umpire/game - 7 inning games - Each team pays one ump.
  • 9 Inning Games - Teams Split Cost of 2 Umpires for each game @ $110 per umpire/game - Each team pays one ump.
  • FYI - One Umpire Working a 50/70 or 60/90 game receives 1 and 1/2 Game Pay
  • Games postponed last minute (after umpires are en route) are entitled to 1/2 Game Pay (Travel Fee)
Q: I heard that the umpire is supposed to call me before the game?  How does that work?
A: The umpires have a listing of all coaches.  It is the league process for the head umpire to TEXT or CALL the HOME coach to confirm the Day, Time, & Field of the game.  This is done most of the time - but remember sometimes umpires are moved to accommodate the league, they may have a bad number, etc - if you don’t hear from your umpire - feel free to reach out to them to confirm on the day of the game.  
Q: How do you get the final score of the games we play?
A: YOU.  We expect both teams to report the final score (for checks & balances) to the WEBSITE TOOL”REPORT GAME SCORE”.  Do not text, call, or email your score. We require all scores to come through the same tool for consistency and clarity.  Do not expect the umpire or the winning team to report the score - it is BOTH the winning and losing team responsibility to report the game score. Here is the link - REPORT GAME SCORE
Please remember, our standings are 100% based on your game score reporting.  Please do this immediately after the game is played - the faster you report - the faster the standings are updated.  We update the standings every day.
Q: How do we determine if a rule is being followed properly from an umpire or opponent.  
A: League rules are posted on the website - we also have a “Rules @ a Glance” that we would encourage you to print and carry with you at all times to refer to.  Here is the link to the rules at a glance -
It is good form to print out and carry your division rules with you.  Remember that umpires work multiple leagues, so it is important to communicate at the pregame meeting and have your rules on you.
Q: I played a GHVBL team in a tournament, can I count that game as a league game?  
A: YES, as long as both teams agree (preferably before the game) then simply report the score like any other on the website - detail the location & day, time of the game in the comments section of the score report.  
Q: Do I need to submit a roster or waiver?
A: YES, our insurance is active only when you submit your roster and waiver.  Also, you may not participate in the playoffs without this paperwork! The roster/waiver form is posted under “Rules”.  Here is the link - GHVBL ROSTER & WAIVER